3 Tips to Recover from Tooth Extraction

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Dental professionals all over the world perform tooth extraction procedures daily. Read on to learn more about tooth extractions and how to recover smoothly from one. Ahead of the procedure, you will have received instructions on preparation and know what to expect. The dentist will do their best to keep you at ease and give you a pleasant experience. After leaving the office, there are steps to take to help make the recovery process hassle-free.

3 Tips for tooth extraction recovery

After undergoing a tooth extraction, following certain guidelines can help to ensure a fast and successful recovery. Regardless of the tooth involved, the tips mentioned below can help patients recover as quickly and comfortably as possible:

1. Gauze, tea bags, and ice for bleeding and swelling

Gauze is normally still in the patient's mouth as they leave the dentist's office. Remove the gauze after about 30 minutes. This slows down the bleeding and allows the necessary blood clotting to occur. If the bleeding persists after the gauze has been removed, repeat the procedure with fresh gauze provided by the dentist. If the bleeding persists, soak a black tea bag in water and bite on it like gauze. The tannins in tea constrict blood vessels, which slows bleeding. Even if the bleeding is not stopped completely, it should have greatly reduced. Otherwise, speak with the dentist for further instructions.

Inflammation and swelling are normal after tooth extraction. Swelling may increase for 72 hours after the procedure and will subside after four to five days. Patients can apply a cold compress to the outside of the extraction area in 20-minute intervals for the first 24 hours. Take off the ice packs for about 10 minutes and then repeat the process as required.

2. Use the prescribed medication

The dentist can prescribe different prescription medications for pain and swelling. Keep in mind that each medicine must be taken at a different time, and some can require you to eat before or after you take it. Since these drugs can cause drowsiness, patients should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery during the recovery period.

3. Rest adequately

Rest is necessary for a quick recovery. Prepare to take at least two days off work, and possibly more in case your job is physically demanding. At home, take it easy and get enough rest. Always keep the head high above your core when lying down. Patients should avoid strenuous physical activities like exercising, heavy lifting, and anything that raises the heart rate because it can increase bleeding, swelling, and pain.

The bottom line

To prevent contamination and infection, patients must keep the extraction area clean. The dentist will provide instructions on how and when to start rinsing the mouth and cleaning the teeth. The dentist may advise rinsing with saltwater 12 hours after the procedure in some cases. This should be done several times daily. They may also recommend waiting 24 hours before brushing with or without toothpaste, as well as avoiding the extraction point.

A dentist will only recommend tooth extraction after exhausting other options. To learn more about the procedure and recovery, contact our dental office.

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