A Guide To A Dental Filling Procedure

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A dental filling procedure is never fun, but it is necessary to repair dental cavities once they develop. By understanding the process of a dental filling, patients can mentally and physically prepare for the procedure. Of course, every patient may have a unique experience, but there are certain commonalities to be familiar with. 

The dental filling process explained

The process for a dental filling involves numbing the tooth, removing the decayed portion of the tooth, cleaning it thoroughly, applying the filling material, hardening the material with a special dental light and polishing the tooth. The procedure takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, and the patient can return to their normal routine on the same day. 

Numb the tooth

A topical anesthetic is applied to the tooth (or teeth) that are receiving the dental filling. The numbing agent is non-invasive and safe for patients. It takes several minutes for the tooth to become numb. Once the numbing agent sets in, the dentist begins the dental filling process. 

Remove the tooth decay

The first step is to remove the decayed part of the tooth. This is done with a drill or a laser. The dentist may hear sounds from the dental drill, but they should not feel much if any, discomfort. Removing the tooth decay only takes a minute or two for each tooth. 

Clean the tooth

Once the decay and damaged parts of the tooth are removed, the cavity is then cleaning thoroughly. The dentist uses a cleaning gel to clean the cavity, and this kills the bacteria in the tooth and reduces the risk of an oral infection or failed dental filling. 

Apply the dental filling material

The dental filling material is applied to the tooth after it is thoroughly cleaned. There are different filling options for patients to choose from, including amalgam, composite, glass ionomer, metal fillings and ceramic fillings. The dentist can help the patient choose the best type of dental filling, which depends on the location of the tooth and how visible the decayed portion of the tooth is, along with allergy considerations. 

Hardening the material with a dental light

The dental filling is hardened and bonded into place with the use of a special bonding light. This takes less than a minute to complete and reduces the risk of the dental filling falling out earlier than it should. 

Smooth and polish the tooth

Lastly, the dentist will smooth and polish the tooth. This involves smoothing out any rough parts of the tooth to make it look natural and resistant to collecting bacteria and food particles. The mouth is thoroughly rinsed after the tooth is polished. 

Schedule a consultation for a dental filling procedure

It is important to fill a dental cavity as soon as possible to prevent the issue from worsening and causing a tooth infection that requires more extensive treatment. If you feel that you may need a dental filling or want to simply schedule a check-up visit, reach out to our dental office today. 

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