How Does a Dental Cleaning Help Your Smile?

How Does a Dental Cleaning Help Your Smile? from iSmile Dental - Dr. James Helmy in Boca Raton, FLMany are familiar with the oral health benefits of a dental cleaning, which ultimately reduce the risk of the most common types of gum and teeth issues. However, although not the primary goal of dental cleaning, there are generally cosmetic benefits of regular dental cleaning as well.

The cosmetic benefits of a dental cleaning

The cosmetic benefits of a dental cleaning include a brighter smile, teeth that look cleaner and smoother, improved appearance of the gums, and fresher breath. Of course, this is in addition to oral health benefits such as a reduced risk of gum disease, dental cavities, and teeth loss.

Brighter teeth

When plaque and tartar develop on the surface of teeth, it can make teeth look stained and dirty. The longer the plaque and tartar remain, the harder it is to remove the stains. A dental cleaning removes stains caused by plaque and tartar regularly before they become harder to remove. This is why many patients report feeling their teeth are whiter after treatment. Of course, patients with healthy teeth also make for better professional teeth whitening candidates as well.

Teeth that look cleaner

The fact is that plaque and tartar by their very nature are dirty. An excess of plaque and tartar on teeth can make a person’s smile look like it is not cared for properly. A common misconception is that this can be entirely prevented through good oral hygiene. However, plaque and tartar accumulation can occur naturally despite a quality brushing and flossing schedule, which is why dental cleanings are required to keep a clean-looking smile.

Teeth that look smooth

Many dentists and hygienists include teeth polishing as a part of the dental cleaning procedure. This can make teeth look smoother and healthier. In addition, teeth polishing can reduce the risk of plaque and tartar build-up on teeth between dental cleaning visits.

Improved appearance of the gums

The gums often look better after a dental cleaning procedure. This is particularly true among patients that may show early signs of gum disease, such as gum discoloration, gum swelling, and gums that are sensitive. For patients that show a lot of their gums while smiling, this is an important cosmetic benefit.

Fresher breath

Bad breath often results when patients go more than six months between dental visits as a result of a build-up of plaque and tartar and the increased risk of the development of oral health concerns. Subsequently, after a dental cleaning, many patients report their breath smelling better.

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Find out more about the cosmetic benefits of a dental cleaning

If it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, then it is time for your next dental cleaning. Here at our dental practice, we make the check-up and cleaning process easy for all of our patients. We also offer specific cosmetic procedures that may help you meet your cosmetic goals as well. So why wait? Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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