How Implant Supported Dentures Can Enhance Chewing Function

Posted on: October 21, 2019

implant supported dentures Boca Raton, FL

Although there are many options when it comes to replacing missing teeth, implant supported dentures are one of the best. These stable prosthetic teeth offer optimal aesthetics and functionality, allowing patients to smile, laugh, speak and chew better. With four to six strategically placed dental implants, an oral surgeon can fix a prosthetic row of teeth to the top, bottom or both rows of teeth to complete the bite and enhance chewing function.

How do implant supported dentures work?

Instead of using the mouth muscles and gums for support like regular dentures, implant supported dentures utilize implant posts in the jawbone to stay in place. These implants are surgically inserted into certain spots in the upper and lower jaw (about four to six per arch) and can bear weight much more effectively than conventional dentures.

There are two types of implant supported dentures: fixed and removable. Fixed dentures are meant to be permanently secured in place, while removable implant supported dentures are designed to work like regular dentures, albeit with heightened support. Removable ones work by using a snap-on system and must be taken out at night. Both kinds of implant supported dentures should be cleaned each day.

Why choose implant supported dentures over conventional dentures?

Conventional dentures are great for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. However, those who wear traditional dentures often have complaints regarding their oral device. For one thing, dentures tend to slip out of place easily; this is especially so for prostheses fitted to the bottom of the mouth. Since traditional dentures are not as secure, they do not allow for optimal chewing functionality. This is where implant supported dentures come into play.

Furthermore, conventional dentures do not preserve the jawbone. They use the mouth muscles and gums to stay in place, sitting atop the jawbone rather than using it. With implant supported dentures, the dentures are attached directly to posts surgically inserted into the jawbone, acting as faux tooth roots. These posts preserve the jawbone, keeping it from withering away. Without these implants, regular dentures allow the jawbone to deteriorate, which can cause a sunken look that adds years to the face.

Chewing function

Regular dentures require certain foods to be cut from the diet, such as overly crunchy or chewy foods. These dietary restrictions can be frustrating for some and can limit enjoyment of everyday life. However, since implant supported dentures attach directly to the implant posts in the jawbone, they are much more sturdy. Because of this, patients can feel comfortable to treat implant supported dentures much like their natural teeth, with the ability to eat and chew just about whatever they want.

Ready for a life change?

Implant supported dentures can change your life for the better. Imagine not having to worry about limiting your diet, and being able to eat more of the foods you love. Call our office today to set up a consultation so we can get you on the road to a beautiful, functional smile.

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