Learn More About Oral Cancer Screenings


At iSmile Dental, Dr. James Helmy provides oral cancer screenings for patients throughout the Boca Raton, FL area.  If you haven’t been screened for oral cancer, call our dentist office at (561) 225-2054 to schedule an appointment.  Patients throughout the 33431, can ensure that oral cancer does not slip past undetected by simply scheduling an appointment with Dr. Helmy and our family dentist office.  

When you come in for a regular teeth cleaning and dental exam, Dr. Helmy can also look for signs of oral cancer.  As a dentist in Boca Raton, he is experienced in working with patients of all ages and incorporating these screenings into everyday appointments.  In our general dentist office, we have found that there are some standard warning signs associated with oral cancer, some of which can even be spotted when performing procedures like a teeth whitening.  One of the most common is white or red bumps on the inside of the mouth.  As a cosmetic dentist in Boca Raton, FL many of our patients will call after feeling bumps, wanting to know if they are anything to cause alarm.  The answer really depends.  Things like cold sores are not cancerous, and it is even common to irritate your mouth by eating something like sour candies.  Still, we recommend that you call our cosmetic dentistry office if you notice that they don’t go away after a day or two.  As an emergency dentist, we can even see you last minute.

When examining your mouth, we will then look for other signs that include hard bumps or lumps.  Very often, a tissue sample is then needed in order to determine if the cells are cancerous. We will send the cells to be tested in the lab, and if the results are positive, we can refer you to an oncologist.  An oral cancer screening, therefore, is incredibly important to have completed along with your dentist appointment since early detection is the best way to fight the disease.  When looking for a dentist near me, make sure that you find one who will conduct an oral cancer screening, or simply call our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Helmy.

In addition to providing oral cancer screenings, we also provide TMJ treatment, veneers, wisdom tooth extraction, and dental implants. 

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