TMJ Treatment Can Help Relieve Your Discomfort

Posted on: June 1, 2015

TMJ TreatmentWhen you think you may have temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder, TMJ treatment can help alleviate your concerns and discomfort. TMJ is an acronym for a variety of disorders that affect your temporomandibular joint and the surrounding muscles. This is the area of your jaw that allows you to chew, speak, and open and close your mouth. When you have TMJ disorders, you may notice discomfort that spreads from your face to your neck, inflammation, popping or grinding of your jaw joint, bite changes, and muscle fatigue. Fortunately, in most cases TMJ does not cause irreversible damage or chronic pain. To learn more about how we can help to treat your TMJ, please continue reading. 

TMJ Causes

The direct causes of TMJ disorders are still relatively unknown. Many scientists and dentists have determined that there could be a link between TMJ and fibromyalgia or sleep disorders. If you have ever received a blow to your jaw or have had any form of jaw injury, you are also more likely to experience TMJ disorders. Severe over or under bites and grinding your teeth at night may also have a link to TMJ.


For most patients, TMJ discomfort comes and goes. When you are experiencing brief bouts of discomfort, we can provide you with some important tips on self-care practices that can help to ease symptoms. Once we have confirmed that TMJ is to blame for your discomfort, we can provide you with extra tips on how to alleviate tension, reduce inflammation, ease discomfort, and find general relief. Icing the area, chewing softer foods, avoiding gum use, and wearing a guard to prevent teeth grinding at night or a splint to reduce jaw movement or help your bite placement are the most common treatments that we suggest. You can also use over the counter pain relievers to ease discomfort and reduce inflammation.

Other TMJ Treatment

Since there are still many questions revolving around the causes of TMJ and how extensive damage can become, we advise that you do not pursue invasive or permanent procedures to alleviate discomfort. Irreversible treatments can be detrimental when so little is known about a disorder. In complex situations when patients have chronic pain or jaw dysfunction, we can explore more extensive TMJ treatment options like medical splints, pain relief prescriptions, and potentially Botox, which has been proven to help relieve pain. If these services are necessary, we can expound in more detail during your visit to our office.  However, as a dentist we focus on treating TMJ by providing you with a night guard to eliminate grinding and clenching of your teeth.

When it comes to TMJ disorders, we understand how nagging and frustrating the discomfort can be. We have developed many TMJ treatment options in order to help reduce your suffering. If at home care is not doing the trick, or you would like to learn more about how to ease discomfort at home, we can help. If you have not been diagnosed, but you think you may have TMJ disorders, we can give you a thorough checkup and help diagnose this problem as necessary.

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