Why Veneers Are Permanent

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For many dental patients, veneers are a treatment option that can offer a permanent solution to numerous minor issues with the teeth. This includes improving the smile’s function and appearance.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells created from porcelain and attached to the existing teeth. This type of dental restoration is used to cover and conceal minor flaws in a patient’s smile. Veneers are custom made to ensure a proper fit for each individual patient’s teeth.

A permanent treatment

Veneers are a permanent treatment option for various dental problems. This restoration usually requires the enamel of the teeth to be filed down so the veneers can be attached to the tooth’s surface. Enamel is an important part of the tooth’s structure and function and is unable to grow back, so once veneers are placed, they cannot be removed.


The treatment first involves preparing the tooth for the placement of the veneers. The dentist gently removed around 1 millimeter of the enamel from the surface of the teeth to ensure the restoration adhered properly. An impression of the teeth is then taken and sent off to a lab for customized fabrication. Once the veneers have been completed, they are bonded to the teeth with a special type of cement.

Caring for veneers

It is vital for patients to practice proper oral hygiene care to ensure the veneers are protected. Patients need to continue to brush and floss normally but should switch to a nonabrasive fluoride toothpaste to prevent damage to the restoration. It is also important for patients to avoid habits such as fingernail biting and chewing ice, as these could break or damage the veneers. Patients with bruxism who tend to grind their teeth at night should be fitted for a mouthguard to protect the teeth. Following these tips can help to ensure the veneers are long-lasting.

What are veneers used for?

Veneers are used to treat a myriad of dental issues, the most common including misaligned, worn, crowded, and discolored teeth. This restoration is also used to fix broken, chipped, and fractured teeth and may correct minor bite issues.


Veneers have numerous advantages for dental patients. In addition to providing a bright and straighter smile, this treatment is simpler and easier to complete than other dental restoration options. Veneers preserve more of the tooth’s structure and are strong and durable. Due to the materials involved, they also resist staining from certain foods and beverages that natural teeth are prone to being stained by, such as tea and coffee.


Veneers are a permanent restoration option to fix misaligned, chipped, broken, and stained teeth. Permanent veneers, once placed, cannot be undone due to the small bit of enamel that must be removed prior to application. However, these tooth coverings are a quick and simple solution to improve a patient’s smile and confidence. With proper care, this restoration can be enjoyed for many years.

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