Our Technology

Our Dental Technology In Boca Raton, FL

Digital X-rays

iSmile Dental's use of Digital X-rays marks a significant advancement in patient safety and diagnostic precision. By emitting lower radiation than traditional X-rays, these digital images offer a clearer, more detailed view of teeth and bone structure, enhancing our ability to detect issues early and plan effective treatments.

Digital CT-Scan

Our Digital CT-Scan technology at iSmile Dental is pivotal for comprehensive oral health assessments. It provides three-dimensional images crucial for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning, particularly in complex cases like implant placements and orthodontic evaluations, ensuring a higher standard of care.

Intraoral Scanner

The Intraoral Scanner at iSmile Dental revolutionizes the patient experience. This tool swiftly captures precise digital impressions of the teeth and gums, bypassing the discomfort of traditional mold impressions. It's integral for creating accurate and well-fitting dental restorations and orthodontic devices, streamlining the treatment process.

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