A Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton, FL can Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton, FLAs a cosmetic dentist in Boca Raton, FL we can restore your teeth to their former glory or correct defects that have always existed.  Our services are vast and we can provide you will a variety of helpful solutions. Our services include, but are not limited to, popular whitening, porcelain veneers, and durable crowns. Our services can restore damaged teeth and improve mediocre smiles. 

Teeth Whitening: Our whitening techniques are customized to your individual needs so you know that it will work to achieve your desired shade of white. For an easy and efficient way to whiten your teeth today, visit our dentist office instead of using a store-bought solution.

Dental Veneers: If your teeth are severely misshapen, crooked, or discolored, as a cosmetic dentist in Boca Raton, FL, we can offer you beautiful veneers that will cover all your imperfections. Our veneers are extremely thin, durable shells that are placed over the front of your teeth, normally in the most prominent areas of your mouth like your upper front teeth. Our custom veneers correct and disguise any existing imperfections.

Dental Crown: Our crown is a dental restoration as well as a cosmetic improvement. If you have weak, damaged teeth, crowns may be necessary. We can offer you a natural-looking, tooth-colored crown to cover your entire tooth, ensuring that any areas of decay or damage are safe from further danger.

These are some common ways that we can help to improve your smile. Other, more extensive, ways we can help is by replacing your missing teeth with permanent, working solutions.

Dental Bridges and Dental Implants:  If you have unsightly missing teeth, or teeth that are so damaged they need to be removed, we can remedy these problems with our permanent bridges and implants. Our dental bridge anchors to a few existing teeth by a durable crown. Once it is anchored, your prosthetic tooth will rest where your former tooth was. For an implant, we will insert a strong post into your dental cavity where your former tooth root was. This post will graft to your bone which will create a new root system. A customized tooth replacement will be made to look and work like your former tooth did, and it will attach to the post for permanency. Our dental bridges and implants will result in a restored, more attractive and youthful appearance. Implants will not only enhance your smile, but they will also enhance your ability to eat all your favorite foods.

For these more common procedures and other services you may need, like teeth straightening or dental bonding, visit our office immediately. As a cosmetic dentist in Boca Raton, FL, we can provide you with every option you need to correct problematic areas. If you are weary of your cosmetic dental imperfections or you desire dental restorations, make your smile a priority by accessing our top-notch care. This way you can enjoy your personalized smile makeover and the attractive and long-lasting results it creates.

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