Dental Reviews In Boca Raton, FL

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I have been going to see Dr.Helmy for a couple of years now and he is the best dentist I have ever gone to. Dr. Helmy has fixed two of my front teeth with bonding and he does all of my cleanings, xrays, and cavities for me. I don't have insurance so Dr. Helmy has worked with me on the price. I genuinely feel that the staff and Dr. Helmy himself are the best.

Michael Paul

Dr. James Helmy is very professional. He made sure that I was not in pain during my dental work. He did an excellent job. I needed some work to be done by an endodontist. He recommended an excellent endodontist and coordinated the work with him. I would recommend all of my friends and family to go to Dr. Helmy.

Michael Rizkalla

Dr.Helmy, is knowledgable and very thorough.He is not only a genuine and honest person but also a very caring and dedicated dentist.He is also very gentle, professional, and makes the whole experience as pleasant as it could be!!!! Ismile Dental is The way to Go!! I Highly recommend Him!!

Solange Concepcion

Dr. Helmy is a wonderful, caring dentist. I would strongly recommend him for any and all dental work. His team will take care of you from the moment you step into the office until you have left. I would challenge anyone to find a more knowledgeable or caring dentist in the Boca Raton area.

Albert Attia

Great experience! Dr. Helmy is very professional and kind. He does very good work, and was always gentle and conscious of my comfort. I will definitely be returning for future dental work.

Reda Sorial

I really appreciate the organized work ethics Dr. James Helmy has and also great staff like his assistant solange. Dr. Helmy's work environment is amazing and clean. True story now one time I was in really bad pain and I was like what's going on right now and I started to play with my tooth and turned out I needed to take it out. And besides he's a great dental doctor in Palm Beaches

Tony Ghattas

I have gone to a few dentist in the area to get some work done. Dr. Helmy was the only one who himself sat down and talked to me about all the work I needed and didn't just focus on pushing for expensive extra work from the start. He laid out the options for the work and didn't just rush me into doing the most expensive work, and wanted to try the cheapest option before pushing lots of extra work. He was also the only dentist to actually gave me a proposed treatment plan which means he is sending his treatment to my insurance so that they can review it and approve of it, which is not something he was required to do. It's not a super fancy practice where you can watch your favorite movie on netflix on a massive TV, but has by far been the most reasonable non pushy dentist I have seen in the area. I would highly recommend trying him out if you are looking for a new dentist in the area.

Phillip Morrin

All my experiences with Dr. Helmy have been wonderful. He is honest and meticulous in his work, while still making sure you are comfortable - and an honest, competent dentist is a rare commodity these days. I had seen a dentist prior to him who took several x-rays and then after working on me, charged me an exorbitant amount of money for what ended up being just a temporary filling, of which I was not aware. When I came to Dr. Helmy, I realized I had been scammed by the other dentist because Dr. Helmy did the permanent filling and charged must less. Another time he worked on me, I had several cavities that needed filling, but my discomfort was almost non-existent as he does a great job managing your pain. The office personnel are very kind and cheerful and make you feel welcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Helmy as your dentist!

Maggie Attia
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