Adjusting to Your New Dentures: 3 Tips to Help Make the Transition Easier

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If your general dentist is recommending dentures, you may be wondering how to transition to such a change. After all, dentures are a big change for anyone. Despite the many benefits dentures have to offer, it takes time to get used to the bulky nature of many dentures. Over time you will get used to your dentures and appreciate how convenient they will make your life. In truth, many modern styles of dentures, from full to partial, are designed to be comfortable and resemble natural teeth. Take a look at the three most helpful tips to make the transition to dentures easy.

Be careful while eating

One of the most important things to remember about adjusting to new dentures is to always be careful while eating. In the beginning, many wearers will notice their gums are sensitive and sore. Because of this, hard and sticky foods like corn on the cob, nuts, taffy and crunchy foods should be avoided. Instead, denture wearers should stick to softer foods until the discomfort wears away. In most cases, foods like ice cream, cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes and eggs are easy to chew.

Do not forget to brush

Another tip that will make adjusting to new dentures easier is to treat them like natural teeth. This means regular brushing and rinsing. Both full and partial dentures are prone to accumulating tartar and other debris. Dentures are also vulnerable to stains. Regular brushing with mild soap and water can help keep the dentures clean. Denture wearers should soak dentures in room temperature water or a soaking solution designed for dentures.

In the morning, dentures should again be rinsed before putting them back on. However, it is important to note that regular toothpaste should never be used. Traditional toothpaste is abrasive and can damage dentures. Additionally, wearers should never soak their dentures in hot water. Hot water causes dentures to warp. If the dentures warp too badly, wearers may have to replace them.

Do not skip adjustments

Regular adjustments will help make the transition to dentures easier. Adjustments are especially important for new denture wearers because as gums get used to dentures, the dentures may shift a bit. Adjustments in the early weeks of getting a new set of dentures are important to ensure the dentures are fitting well. Additionally, as a wearer ages, their jaw and overall facial structure will change as bone density decreases. Oftentimes, this affects the fit of the denture and the dentist will have to perform an adjustment.

Adjusting to dentures made easy

Transitioning to dentures does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. With patience and practice, your dentures will feel like natural teeth in no time at all. Most wearers have to go through an adjustment period. However, there are a few simple steps to follow to make the transition easier. These tips include getting adjustments as needed, brushing and being careful while eating. If you have questions about transitioning to dentures, contact a general dentist.

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