Are Dental Fillings Permanent?

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Different variables influence the longevity and durability of dental fillings. The filling that the dentist will use depends on the decision and consent of the patient. There are many types of dental fillings available. The choice depends on the location and severity of the dental damage. If you want to know if dental fillings are permanent, here are the facts.

Types of dental fillings and their longevity

Temporary fillings only last for one month. Dentists use these fillings to protect the tooth against pain and sensitivity. Those who go through a root canal and an emergency dental procedure need this type of filling until a permanent one is available. These patients could go home until their caps arrive. Temporary fillings do not last very long.

Silver or amalgam fillings are more durable. Upon installation, the dentist must remove healthy parts of the tooth to make room for the fillings. Amalgam fillings usually leave a grayish tint on the tooth. They can last for about 10-15 years, which is longer than composite fillings.

Glass ionomer fillings last for about five years. A glass ionomer filling is a combination of special glass and acrylic. Dentists use glass ionomer fillings on children and on patients who need fillings below the gumline. These fillings are healthy because they release fluoride. This element helps protect teeth from more decay.

Gold fillings can withstand intense chewing. Although expensive, some patients prefer it because of its aesthetic value. Gold fillings do not erode at all. Patients can enjoy gold fillings for at least 10-15 years.

Composite or tooth-colored fillings last for about five years as well. These fillings blend well with the patient’s natural teeth. Dentists can use composite fillings on visible parts of teeth. Patients can get composite fillings in one dental appointment.

Indirect dental fillings can last for at least 30 years with proper care. These are tooth-colored fillings that a dental lab must make for the patient. In two dental appointments, patients can go home with indirect fillings. The two types of indirect dental fillings are inlays and onlays. Inlays settle between a chewing tooth’s cusps. Onlays are more like partial crowns.

Ceramic fillings are made of ceramic or porcelain. Patients who can get gold fillings can also afford ceramic fillings. These can last for at least 15 years. Proper maintenance can make ceramic fillings last longer.

Replacing a dental filling

The size of a filling influences its life span. Small dental fillings tend to last longer than large ones. Small fillings adhere to substantial natural teeth. With large fillings, only a small amount of natural bone remains intact. Patients with larger fillings tend to have more filling replacements.

The permanence of dental fillings depends on their material and maintenance

Dental fillings help lengthen the life span of your teeth. The material, size, and care of the fillings determine how long you can have them in your teeth. Among all the fillings, ceramic and gold are the most expensive dental fillings you can get. They also last the longest. Smaller dental fillings also last longer than large ones. Collaborating with your dentist about your fillings can help you save time and money.

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