Disclosing Full Medical Background Before Dental Implant Surgery

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Prior to dental implant surgery, a dentist will need to have a full medical background on the patient. This surgery is invasive and requires more in-depth steps than the average dental procedure, which is why it is necessary for patients to disclose their full medical history to the dentist or oral surgeon. 

This disclosure is a necessary step in the dental implant process to ensure it goes smoothly and safely. Prior to the implant surgery, patients should consult with a dentist and oral surgeon so that all professionals involved are completely aware of any medical issues that may complicate the procedure.

The importance of pre-surgery medical history

Patients considering dental implants to replace missing teeth may want to know why it is necessary to disclose one's full medical background before undergoing surgery.

Why disclose?

Before dental implant surgery, the oral surgeon and dentist will require full disclosure of the patient’s medical history. It is vital for the patient to provide the necessary information so that the oral surgeon is aware of any health issues that may interfere with the surgery.

A patient undergoing dental implant placement should want to have all of the information handed off to the oral surgeon to ensure that the procedure will go smoothly. Not all patients are aware of things that could interfere medically, so it is always best to share the complete medical history with the oral surgeon or dentist so that this professional can work to accommodate or mitigate any abnormalities or unusual circumstances.

Sometimes people have an allergy to something that is used during surgery, such as latex gloves or even anesthesia that is typically used to sedate the patient during the dental implant placement. Ensuring that the oral surgeon is aware of all of these things prior to the surgery can help ensure that the procedure goes safely and efficiently.

What information should be disclosed?

Any patient undergoing dental implant surgery should disclose any and all information relating to their complete medical history, not just dental or oral. The entire body is sedated during implant surgery, which could cause complications if the patient has any pre-existing medical conditions.

These are some of the most important pieces of medical information that should be disclosed:

  • Any medical allergies, such as to medications
  • Sensitivity to any medications or materials
  • Previous medical conditions
  • Any current infections or diseases, as these could worsen or change the body's reactions during implant surgery

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Patients should disclose everything in the medical background to the oral surgeon or dentist to ensure that the dental implant placement procedure goes smoothly.

Safe and effective dental surgery

If you have questions or concerns about disclosing your medical background, talk to the dentist or implant specialist prior to the procedure. It is important that everyone involves is fully informed so that dental implant surgery can go smoothly.

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