How Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth

Clear Aligners Boca Raton, FL

You likely know that clear aligners can work well. But you might not know how the aligners work. These are different from braces, but the same results can be achieved. Keep reading to understand how your teeth can be moved.

About aligner technology

This is a popular alternative to getting braces. There are transparent, thin shells that slowly move the teeth as the patient wears the aligners enough. Instead of brackets being attached to the teeth, the aligners can be removed. These will be switched out every two weeks.

They look like clear retainers. The number of aligners used will depend, but a good range is about 10 to 50 for each series. But the patient might need to have two or three series to see results. The range will depend on the patient’s bite and how often the aligners are worn.

How aligners work

Aligners can make very small movements at a time. Gentle pressure is placed on the teeth. This is transferred through the roots to the jaws. The bone will respond to the forces by moving the sockets of the teeth. Then the crowns of the teeth will go along. Because there are such small changes, the treatment can be more comfortable. The aligners have to be worn for at least 22 hours each day.

How aligners can straighten the teeth

There is more to aligners than just putting them on and waiting for the teeth to move. There are some other aspects as well. Because the aligners are not attached to the teeth, some patients need to have attachments. These act as pressure points, placing more pressure on some areas of the mouth. These can direct the teeth to the right location.

In some cases, elastics are also needed. These are used in regular orthodontics as well. These can help with moving the lower and upper teeth or the jawbones. These are attached to buttons on the teeth or the aligners themselves.

What to remember with clear aligners

The teeth will only move if the force is applied often enough. This is why patients need to stay disciplined when wearing the retainers. Otherwise, the treatment time can be extended, and there might be compromises. This is true when the patient has elastics too.

Patients should stick to the right aligner schedule recommended by the dentist. Patients should monitor the fit of the aligners. If there are issues, they should alert their dentist. It is not possible to predict the number of aligners that will be needed to reach the patient’s goals. The patient might need to have treatment for a longer period.

Choose clear aligners today

Knowing more about how clear aligners work can help you make the right choice in your treatment options. Following the dentist’s recommendations will help the treatment to go better. That is why you need to wear the aligners as much as you can. Making an appointment with your dentist can help you decide if this is the right option for you.

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