Invisalign: Are There Any Recommended Daily Oral Hygiene Habits?

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A quality oral hygiene routine is crucial to protect your teeth and gums throughout Invisalign® treatment. Dentists recommend keeping a consistent oral care routine, avoiding foods and drinks that may cause stains, and protecting your Invisalign® aligners throughout the duration of Invisalign® treatment.

How to care for your oral hygiene during Invisalign® treatment

By following the five daily oral hygiene habits below, you can keep your smile clean and healthy throughout treatment. The following is a more detailed look at each oral hygiene tip that dentists recommend for Invisalign wearers.

Brush and floss your teeth several times per day

Brushing and flossing several times per day is always important, and it is particularly crucial when wearing Invisalign aligners. Otherwise, plaque and bacteria can become trapped between the aligners and the enamel surface of teeth. This can lead to weakened enamel and eventually teeth decay. Teeth stains are also more likely if the patient brushes or flosses irregularly. Good oral hygiene is also crucial to protect gum health for Invisalign wearers as well.

Avoid foods and drinks that can cause teeth stains

There are certain foods and drinks that can significantly increase the risk of teeth stains, dental cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns, especially for Invisalign wearers. During the duration of Invisalign treatment, it is best to avoid these foods and drinks as much as possible. Specifically, it is best to avoid consuming high amounts of sugar, tomato-based dishes, citrus fruits, coffee, and other dark beverages.

Keep your Invisalign® aligners clean and properly stored

Invisalign wearers also have the added responsibility to take proper care of their Invisalign clear aligners. This should include keeping them properly stored when they are not worn. The dentist should provide a case to store them in during your oral care routine and while eating. It is also important to keep both the aligners and the case clean at all times. Otherwise, there could be a higher risk of damage to enamel due to dirty aligners.

Avoid dental trauma or damage to your aligners

Dental trauma can damage the aligners and require you to replace them, which can also setback the treatment timeline. It is important to take extra precautions to reduce the risk of a blow to the face from sports and other physical activities to ensure the aligners (and more importantly your teeth) are not damaged.

Visit your dental professional regularly

While not a daily oral hygiene habit, it is necessary to mention the importance of visiting the dentist for all scheduled visits. This allows the dentist to check for any signs of complications (i.e. weakened enamel) and provide new aligners as teeth begin to align properly.

Talk to our dentistry team about oral hygiene during Invisalign® treatment

Invisalign treatment is a great way to achieve a smile that gives you confidence daily. To learn more about Invisalign and how you can care for your oral hygiene throughout treatment, call our dental office today to schedule a visit.

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