Reasons to Choose Dental Bonding for a Chipped Tooth

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No one wants a chipped tooth, but if you have one, you might want to consider dental bonding as the way to fix it. Sure, there are several things you could do to repair a damaged tooth, or you could ignore it altogether, but wouldn’t you rather get your smile back and go on eating, drinking, and living life the way you always have? Not only is dental bonding a great way to repair your chipped tooth, but there are also several reasons why you should choose bonding over other alternatives when it comes to repairing the damage to your teeth. 

Before you speak with your dentist about whether bonding is the right choice for fixing your chipped tooth, it might be a good idea to know why bonding is the better choice. Not only is bonding a way to repair teeth, but you also don’t have to worry about your tooth looking unnatural or being too large to match your other teeth, like with crowns and other dental procedures. Not only that, but you’ll also be adding a protective layer to your tooth that can help to prevent further damage and decay. 

Reasons to choose dental bonding

If you’re still considering your options, then keep reading to find out some of the reasons why dental bonding might be the right choice for you. 

Bonding repairs all sorts of damage

Whereas a crown is used to cover up a broken tooth and usually involves grinding down what’s left of the tooth so that the crown can fit, you won’t have to worry about any of that with bonding. Bonding fixes the damage to your tooth instead of working to cover it up. No matter where the damage is, bonding can help mold, contour, and reshape your tooth back to its natural appearance without having to sacrifice the integrity of the existing tooth or making any nasty alterations. 

Bonding makes your tooth look natural

That’s right, unlike other options, bonding is the one option that guarantees your tooth will look like all the rest of your teeth once the procedure is complete. Crowns and bridgework are bulky and unnatural, and you can forget about matching your natural tooth color. On the other hand, dental bonding is sculpted to restore our tooth to its natural shape, and the color can be made to match your natural tooth color and not something that’s too white or entirely wrong for your teeth. 

Bonding helps protect your teeth

Not only does bonding reshape your tooth, but the bonding agent helps to protect the tooth from further damage by forming a barrier to keep out contaminants and prevent daily use from wearing down the tooth even further. As a bonus, dental bonding helps ensure that the damage done to one tooth doesn’t cause issues with other teeth because the tooth is cleaned and sanitized before the process begins, and the bonding agent ensures that the problem doesn’t spread to the other teeth. 

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